Colored Gemstones

We love color! Colored Gemstones are much more than just the birthstones (though we love them, too). Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow, in many gorgeous hues. Mother Nature gives us more of some than others, so there are a wide variety of prices. Something for everyone! Our collection ranges from the well-known, like amethyst and sapphire, to the rare, like alexandrite and demantoid garnet.

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List of birthstones

Colored gemstone ring on hand

Colored gemstone teardrop necklace

Our One Price Philosophy

At Continental Jewelers, we don’t inflate prices in order to offer a discount. Ever. We price our beautiful jewelry competitively. We don’t use a false high price to negotiate with our clients. We believe in being fair and honest, and telling you a phony price just to give you a discount isn’t honest.