Jewelry Design and Function

In the past few weeks I’ve had three different clients who have been given misinformation by other jewelers.  It’s frustrating.  The first was a client who wanted to alter a ring she didn’t wear often to hold her children’s birthstones but was told that if the gemstones were set low (her preference), they would not be secure and would probably fall out.  Not true.  If the prongs were configured and built properly, the gemstones would stay in the ring just fine.  The second client was looking for a way to commemorate her husband who had passed a few years ago and wanted to use husband’s wedding band in some way.  Before she came to us she was told she could really only make a pendant with it, and she wasn’t sure she would wear a pendant often enough.  We designed a way for her to use his ring with her engagement ring so she could wear his ring every day, keeping him close, which was her ultimate goal.  The most recent client has a larger emerald, cut to maximize the color, so it’s very deep.  She was told the only way she could set it into a ring was to custom make a ring for around $5000, which is ridiculous.  There are ready made parts which can be altered to fit the deep gemstone starting around $1300, depending on her final design goal.  Could she spend $5000, which is out of her budget?  Of course.  Does she need to? No.  We love working with clients to design sentimental and beautiful jewelry that is wearable, functional and practical, using their existing pieces or designing something entirely new.  If you’ve had a jewelry design idea and haven’t been able to execute it, stop in.  We’ll be happy to give you our thoughts on your options.

Jewelry as an Investment

I’ve seen a sponsored Facebook post recently that talks about jewelry as a financial investment.  I get very angry when I read articles like this because jewelry is not a stock, bond or mutual fund.  Jewelry cannot be resold as new when it’s been previously owned.   There is a secondary market for preowned jewelry that makes it difficult to recoup the initial dollars spent unless you are dealing in the finest and rarest and willing to gamble.  (Got a few million to spare?  Then this can be a different conversation.)  But jewelry is an investment.  It’s an emotional investment.  Whether you buy jewelry to enjoy wearing yourself or to show someone how you feel about them, jewelry is an investment in joy, pleasure and love.  Consider the following article I read at the holidays…

No, it’s not about Pandora beads.  Keep reading.  It’s about how jewelry symbolizes the love of a couple and a family.  My sister and I can relate well to the feelings expressed here.  Mom passed away a little over five years ago.  We wear her jewelry every day.  It’s a visual, tactile reminder of how much she loved us and we love her.  That’s the beauty of jewelry and why it’s necessary in our lives.  The most important moments are celebrated with a gift of jewelry.  It’s an investment worth making.